Lightpainting with Pixels



15 September 2019, 2:30pm

PoV is the acronym for Persistence of Vision - an optical illusion where our eye transform a sequence of images into a single picture.

PoV pro Povo is a device with a programmable LED array. After creating a digital pattern of words or drawings and programming the device, when the device is moved, the flashing of the LEDs can be captured by long exposure photography, creating floating images in space.  Join us to assemble your own PoV lightpainting tool and turn words into digital graffiti!

Each participant will take home their own programmable PoV pro Povo arduino-based paint painting tool.  You may bring your own computer if you would like us to help you install the software programming tool, but there are computers available to test your PoV during the workshop.

Age: 8+
40 Euros

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