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The Country is of the size of those who have the courage to Imagine it!
In  September  2019,  Portugal  will  become  the  main  stage  for  the discussion and creation of a new dialogue between Art & Business. 

The  Arte  Institute,  through  the  initiative  Re_Think,  intends  to revolutionize mentalities, re-imagine contemporary culture and mobilize artists, cultural agents and the public for a new attitude.

Rhi_Think continues and amplifies Arte Institute's mission of valuing the artistic  production  in  Portugal  and  drive  the  internationalization  of Portuguese  artists  and  its  partnerships  worldwide.  This  project  is motivated  by  the  necessity  of  re-inventing  the  relationships  between artists, companies and cultural agents.

In  a  week  of  shows,  presentations,  workshops,  arts  and  education  all over  the  country,  these  cultural  moments,  surprising,  immersive, intensive  and  inspiring will  remain  documented  in  the  online  platform

Re_think.  The  platform  will  continue  to  promote  these  shows  all  year round,  allowing  any  person,  programmer  or  curator  in  the  world  to access  it.  It will  also  act  as  an  online  network  that  unifies  the world’s cultural  producers,  from  the  artists  to  the  creative  industries,  thus seeking  to  inform  and  generate  opportunities  for new multidisciplinary dialogues and creations.  

It will be a new plateau in the world of arts and culture that will promote a worldwide projection.  In a genuine interdisciplinarity between artists and different layers of society, Rhi_Think will tell new stories and create alternative dimensions for the universal imaginary. Simultaneously, we aim to promote this discussion and new dialogue of Art & Business at the international level.

Open Call
The  Arte  Institute  challenges  all  artists  around  the  world  to  join  this initiative  –  interdisciplinary  artistic  projects  will  be  selected  for  the Rhi_Think initiative.

Projects Production
The Arte Institute believes that artists are the foundation of culture and wants to create a financially sustainable festival for them as well.  

All the selected projects will receive the same amount for production: €1000. The artists should develop the projects according to this value, including production costs and remunerations.


Guidelines for applications
-  The projects should be multidisciplinary and establish a dialogue between more than one artistic area (for example: dance + visual arts, or, sculpture + performance)

-  They must be unprecedented or with little exposure

-  Collaborations between artists of different areas are encouraged

-  The transdisciplinarity may include traditional arts and crafts

Submissions are open from April 12, 2019 to May 12, 2019 on Arte
Institute´s website (www.arteinstitute.org) or on the platform RHI (rules & submission form).