The RHI_Education project was conceived by Arte Institute and the artist Constança Saraiva for this initiative. The project was then developed by schools and organizations in Portugal, Africa, Asia and Latin America and intents to bring awareness to various issues as environmental sustainability through the story of Ganga Rhino. The writers Afonso Cruz, José Luís Peixoto and Ondjaki were invited to write texts about the Rhino story that were also sent to the students.

Mentors & Teachers
Kwame Sousa - Artist - São Tomé
Ana Mafalda Teixeira - Luanda Portuguese School
Carlos Serra - Coordinator - Mozambique
Raquel Carinhas - Coordinator - Uruguay
Kristopher Ardeña - Artist - Philippines
Ana Meirelles - Coordenadora - Torres Vedras, Portugal
Cátia Torrinca - Actress and Grazie Pacheco - Director - Elvas, Portugal