Sara Machado

Managing Director and International Relations at CUMPLICIDADES


I am a devoted cultural manager and International Relations enthusiast. In this decade, I was privileged enough to deeply engage in artistic-driven projects in four different countries, whilst building a bubbling network of artists and cultural professionals. In Madrid, I took the opportunity to join the Escena Contemporanea Festival and Creative Industries department at the Ministry of Culture of Spain. I worked extensively with artistic mobility and cultural cooperation projects at the ECF - European Cultural Foundation, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In EIRA (Lisbon, Portugal), I specialized in internationalization strategies, enabling tours in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Given my passion for Cultural Diplomacy, I conducted a project research at Pearle * Live Performance Europe, in Brussels, Belgium.

Since 2015, I am Managing Director and International Relations at CUMPLICIDADES - International Festival of Contemporary Dance. Recently, I stepped in as general coordinator of PERFORMING ARTS PROJECT, a new project aiming to promote Portuguese contemporary creations internationally.
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