Patrícia Ribeiro

Member of the Board of IPOR


Born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Graduated in Sociology, Social Exclusion Specialization, at Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa. In 2005 she started working at IPOR in Macau as Head of the Section for Administration, Human Resources and Property. In 2012 is appointed Member of the Board of IPOR, function that accumulates with the Coordination of the Management Office, which consolidates all Back Office activities and the Cultural Office assuming from then onwards the programming of IPOR`s Annual Cultural Activities Plan.

Is responsible for coordinating several IPOR programs and projects in the field of promoting the Portuguese language in the Southeast Asia region and, in particular, in the area of ​​programming and management of cultural projects covering various areas of artistic expression with a strong emphasis on the Performing Arts. The Theater Exhibition of Portuguese-speaking Countries and Regions – TEATRAU (only LP theater festival in Asia), Literary and Cultural Festival Letras&Company for parents and children, the Macao Extension of the International Film Festival Doclisboa, Read, Writing and Tell the Itinerant storytelling schools’ program, are some of the relevant projects under her responsibility.
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