Alexandre Belo Morais

President of ANUARTIS


Alexandre Belo Morais
52 years

Natural from Lisbon

Independent Worker Road Manager, Technical and Artistic Producer

Associative Leader: President of ANUARTIS - National Association for the Union of arts ( Coordinator and Spokesperson of the Civic Platform Convergence for Culture

President of the Table of the General Assembly of APPEE - Portuguese Association of Professionals of Shows and Events

Professional Activity:
  • Executive Producer (Road Manager) of artist Fausto Bordalo Dias for 26 years
  • Nearest artists: André Gago; Sandra Celas; Ricardo Diniz; Mario Mata.
  • Fausto; Teia19; The Beat Hotel; Lazio Flower; The Poets of Amalia; Beautiful Ensemble; Chandi Oliveira
Professional experience (chronology):
  • Assistant Technician at Rock Rendez Vous (1985 - 1990)
  • Assistant technician for shows on national and international tours on free regime (1988-1996)
  • General Coordinator of the Technical Support of the Animation of The Expo 98  (1996-1999)
  • Associative Leader (between 1998 and 2014)
  • Founder of the Jorge Pina Association and President of the General Assembly Bureau (2014)
  • City Councillor at Lisbon City Council (until 2014)
  • President of the Lisbon Boxing Association (until 2014)
  • Technical and Artistic Producer on free regime, worked with all major companies and national agencies, both as a specialized technician (1996-2021)
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