André Tentugal



André Tentugal was born in Porto in 1982 and soon began to demonstrate his passion for the possibility that images have to tell us stories of perpetuating past moments. Involved in a spirit of rebellion, he started his musical career associated with the punk movement and discovered universe of musicians.

The first video clips appeared. Starts working with some relevant musicians in the national panorama and to be highlighted in some specialty festivals. And so it has been, sharing the his visual forays between musicians (creatively or documentally or both) and more linked to fiction, André Tentugal already has a wide range of collaborations on the national and events involving names such as Ana Moura, Gisela João, X-Wife, Mind da Gap, Peixe: Avião, Mallu Magalhães, Rodrigo Amarante, Manel Cruz, among many others.
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