Rita Redshoes


The world discovered her with "Dream On Girl”, her first solo statement in the "New Talents - FNAC 2007" compilation but her journey began a few years before, still as “Rita Pereira”, when integrating the group Atomic Bees with which she recorded in 2000 the album "love.noises.and.kisses". In 2003 she joined David Fonseca’s band, as pianist, with whom she recorded a duet "Hold Still".

Until now, Rita recorded four solo albums - "Golden Era" (2008), "Lights & Darks" (2010), "Life Is A Second Of Love" (2014) and “Her” (2016). All the records were included in all of the usual “best of the year” lists.

She performed in Portugal, Spain, France, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Brasil South Africa, Timor, Macau and the United States.

She also composed a few soundtracks for theater and movies, alone or in partnership with The Legendary Tigerman; "The Gambler" (Tolstoy, dir: Gonçalo Amorim), "The Scoundrel" (dir: Paulo Abreu), “Fuligem” (dir: Vasco Sá e David Doutel), "Hay Road” and “Ornamento e Crime” (dir: Rodrigo Areias) both awarded, among other distinctions, with the "Sophia Prize”, granted by the Portuguese Cinema Academy, “Frágil” a children's theater play; “Le Ballon Rouge” (dir: Albert Lamorisse) and the documentary “Portugueses do Soho” (dir: Ana Ventura Miranda). 

Rita wrote two books “Sonhos de Uma Rapariga Quase Normal” (2015, Guerra e Paz) and a book for chilldren “O Gato Surucucu e o Corvo Negro” (2016, Science4you).

On stage, Rita Redshoes takes the audience on a journey between dynamic pop songs and the sensibility of a voice and a piano. She either performs solo or with her band.

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