DJ Nell Silva

DJ & Producer


1990 Started own radio school program and on weekednds he as a dj on discos
1995 Started worked on Portuguese radio Pernes
1998 started worked on Nacional Fm
2000 started produced some partys on discos
2005 creates his home studio
2008 works on studio and compose some newst EP`S, singles and remix as original composer
2014 all music productions ready to market place
2016 december found his own label to worldwide stores, platforms and digital distribution " Desire Records"
2016 started program market sales in all worldwide stores
2016 The first Vinyl Released in internacional country Japan Jopom Music & Desire Records London
2018 Works with outhers internacional labels and released some big EP`S and remixes
2018 started Electronic music Podcast and radio show 2020 At moment with more 80 ALBUNS , 20 colectanies special edition as guest, and more 180 original music tracks and nomead 5 times as best top 5 on club dj Portugal as best music producer with several music tracks on stores. Every month Nell Silva Recives a guest music producer and promoted his talent on studio, new labels and musicians and new talents, electronic sounds livestream to music dance tvs
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