Bruno Belthoise


France, Portugal

French Performer, improviser and creator, Bruno Belthoise is a Laureate by Fondation Laurent-Vibert and received the Prize of the Fondation de France in 1988. He completed the Diplôme Supérieur d'Exécution of the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris in 1989 and was "Révélation Classique" of ADAMI in 1997.

Soloist and founding member of Trio Pangea, he had several works dedicated to him by contemporary composers such as Emmanuel Hieaux, Alexander Delgado, Bernard Vienne, Fernando Lapa and Sérgio Azevedo. He is regularly invited to participate in festivals in France and abroad, and plays a repertoire ranging from Bach to composers of our time.

For the past three years, bruno belthoise has performed on stage in Vienna (Austria), Camberra and Sydney (Australia), Warsaw (Poland), Vigo, Oviedo and Bilbao (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), New York (USA), Montreal (Canada), Victoria and Savador de Baia (Brazil), and many cities in Portugal such as Lisbon, Porto, Alcobaça, Leiria, Tavira, Covilha ... His discography includes more than 25 CDs recorded for Naxos, Ligia Digital, MPMP, Numerica, Cybelia, Coriolan and Chandeigne Editions.

Passionate about art of the short story, which he links to the piano, he has performed in front of young audiences in narrative concerts and has recorded albums for La Librairie Sonore of Frémeaux & Associés Editions. In his researches, he has discovered the music of Portuguese composers, which he disclosed in recitals and conferences around the world. His work is supported by renowned institutions such as the Gulbenkian Foundation, Camões Institute, Ministry of Culture and RTP-Antena 2. Bruno Belthoise is also supported by AvA Musical Editions and Coriolan Artists.
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