Ana Santos



Ana Santos plays the violin, viola and bagpipe, among other instruments. She was born in Beja (Alentejo region) and at 16 she started her music studies at Baixo Alentejo Music Conservatory. She got her university degree in Musicology (University of Evora) and a master in Musical Studies (University of Coimbra).

As a musician she took part in many projects of different genres, including orchestras and theater groups, and artists like António Bexiga, Napoleão Mira, Dino d’ Santiago, Paulo Colaço, Uxía, Couple Coffee, Celina da Piedade, “cante alentejano” projects, among others. Besides this collaborations she dedicates herself to folk and traditional music and she also works frequently with storytellers and in projects related to oral tradition and intagible heritage.
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