Cláudia Lucas Chéu



Poet, novelist, playwright and screenwriter, graduated in Modern Languages and Literature at The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the New University of Lisbon, and is also a graduate of the Lisbon Theatre and Film School of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, where she studied acting. Publications include texts for the stage: Poltrona – monólogo para uma mulher; Glória ou como Penélope Morreu de Tédio; Europa, Ich Liebe Dich; Violência – fetiche do homem bom; Círculo Onanista; Bank, Bank, You´re Dead, for edições Bicho-do-Mato/Teatro Nacional D. Maria II; A Cabeça Muda, for Cama in Gato Edições; Veneno (Coleção Curtas da Nova Dramaturgia — Memória), Edições Guilhotina, 2015.

Her book Nojo (2014), a work of poetic prose was published by (não) edições. Her poetry publications include the book Trespasse, Edições Guilhotina, 2014; Pornographia (poetry), Editora Labirinto, 2016. In 2017, her book Ratazanas (poetry) was published, by Selo Demónio Negro, S. Paulo (Brazil). In 2018 she published her first novel Aqueles Que Vão Morrer, Editora Labirinto; and Beber Pela Garrafa (poetry), by Companhia das Ilhas, 2018. She teaches writing and playwriting at the Lisbon Education College. Currently she is working on her Masters degree in philosophy in the area of aesthetics at The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the New University of Lisbon.

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