Mário Maeso



Mário Maeso is a Uruguayan musician, composer and performer graduated in Paris. In Montevideo, in the 1990s, he is part of several groups. Composes and plays bass and guitar and bands like Costumbres, La WacaWaca, Samantha y sus macacos. and in the show "Guitarra, bajo y percusión, un solo Corazón".

In 1994, he won a scholarship in Paris to study musicology. Forms the group Radar and recorded an album of original songs "Buen Viaje" (Itorecords/1999). In Barcelona, Mario Maeso play in Avenida Brasil and records "Balanço Samba-funk" (Afro-bluw/DM) composing almost tracks in Portuguese.

Today publishes "CAFÉ" (Aglaemusica/DM) his first solo project . A summary of the experiences and a compilation of own compositions and others in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English. In this work along with Cajón, Bass and Fender Rhodes, Mario drinks some "coffees" with friends musicians, special guests for this CD. His songs range from candombe rhythms, Brazilian samba, chanson o bossa nova. He writes commissioned, it is also in parcería, songs recorded by several artists, with emphasis on the song "Sinestesia" recorded by Ol'Green single from the CD "A la verda", the song "Azar" recorded by Gema 4 on the CD "For a new Dream" and the songs " Mil cosas "e" Samantha Brown "recorded by Martín Buscaglia.

In 2014 wins the award for best "singer" of ASMUCA festival in Cardedeu and records the music video for the song "Mil cosas" created and directed by Nicolas Alberte along with Martin and the blue rabbit . Waiting for the publication of a "Tatú" CD, he plays, arranges and composes with Florence Osty, Laura Flores, Gustavo Roriz and Comparsa Bantú.
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