Gabriel Selvage



Gaucho musician with 15 years of career, 5 discs, 2 DVDs and a songbook released, Gabriel Selvage brings the LaBn American sound of his land mixed with the most diverse folkloric expressions of the world. He has already taken his music to several countries, such as ArgenBna, Uruguay, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and China.

With eight nominaBons for the Prêmio Açorianos de Música, he won as the best instrumental performer 2018. He has already played with great arBsts, such as Yamandu Costa, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Alessandro Penezzi, Rogério Caetano, Guto WirY, Bebe Kramer, Lúcio Yanel, Arthur Bonilla, Luiz Marenco, Mestrinho, Michael Pipoquinha, Luciano Maia, Paulinho Fagundes, Thiago Colombo, Rudi Flores, Nicolas Krassik, Lulinha Alencar, Gabriel Grossi, Cainã Cavalcante, João Barradas, Dudu Oliveira, among others.
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