Owem-G is a Spanish producer, DJ and musician based in Lisbon since 2013. When he first arrived to Portugal started to work together on the studio with the sax player Joel Pinto.

The first album "El circo de la vida" (Lisbon, 2017) is a great fusion of different Latin rhythms with Tropical Dub, Rumba... At that point they started to feel the need to move forward and show their original work to the audience. With the incorporation of the percussionist Joao Maia they began to work on the live show.

After a period of touring around Portugal and Spain the band kept growing when Mattia Corda (Trumpet / Piano) and Roni Szabor (Bass) joined the band and they went back to the studio to record their second album "Gran Reserva" (Lisbon, 2019).

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