Luiz Caracol



Luiz Caracol is a musician, singer and author who has at his work a very own identity and personality, consequence of the urban influence between the city of Lisbon where he lives, and the cultural connection he has always had with the Portuguese speaking countries, such as Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde or Angola.

His first solo album “Devagar”, released in 2013, featured very special guests such as Fernanda Abreu, Valete and Sara Tavares, and where he had partnerships such as Mia Couto, Zeca Baleiro and Jorge Drexler.

In 2017 he released his second album "Metade e meia", where he returns having collaborations and partnerships of names like Aline Frazão, Fred Martins, Edu Mundo, Remna Schwarz and José Luís Peixoto.

He is currently recording what will become his next album, and continues to make numerous concerts not only in Portugal, but also in several other countries.
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