Kattia Hernandez

Creative Producer


Born in Mexico City, lived in NY, Miami, Hilversum, Lisbon. Is a Creative Producer with 15+ years experience working with companies like Disney, MTV, Discovery, NBCU, RTP & more, managing international teams and projects. Specialized in Short content for different platforms and Branded Content. Lived in Lisbon for 10 years and during 7 was communications consultant & producer for the High Comissioner for Immigration in Portugal, being responsible for the successful one hour weekly TV Show “NOS”. In 2010 (when videos for Internet were a novelty) she reinvented herself and since then shoot/edit/produced video & visual content for EGEAC, Teatro São Luis, Council of Europe, Fundação Gulbenkian, MIP Markets, Academia Ubuntu, Casa da America Latina and many clients for their social networks and digital presence. In 2018 she was selected to do the video & photography coverage for the Portuguese participation as guest country on the International Guadalajara Book Fair (24 Nov / 2 Dec). And with a team of professionals developed: 8 short videos for social networks / 20 daily photos; and a video-memoir of all the experience. In doing so, had the chance to witness up close the relevance of Portugal being invited in Mexico and the immediate consequences and repercussions. Back in Lisbon for 3 months now, she is currently working at the Embassy of Mexico as consultant and also for some other independent projects. Holds a Bachelor’s in Communication, and a degree in TV production from Radio Nederlands Wereldomroep. Studied specialization courses on: Law & Immigration (Universidad Católica, Portugal) and Education for Peace and Human Rights (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mèxico). Llectured “radio report” at the “Carlos Septién García” Journalism University in Mexico. 2002/ 2003.

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