Diana Seabra



Diana Seabra is a dancer, choreographer, dance therapist and dance teacher. Diana studied classical ballet, contemporary and jazz in CDN (Conservatório de Dança do Norte). She also did ballroom dancing and hiphop. 
In 2000 was awarded a summer scholarship by Bird College (England). 
In 2007 Diana graduated in Psychomotor Rehabilitation by Faculdade de Motricidade Humana while she continued performing as a dancer in Portugal. 
In 2010 Diana received a full-scholarship by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and FLAD to take her Master's Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy in New York. 
Diana danced with, AVEIA, Kinetic Architecture, Regina Nejman, Sublime Dance Company (SDC), Filipe La Feria, Benvindo Fonseca, among others. 
Diana is the assistant of artistic director and also choreographer of SDC. Currently Diana teaches at Oeiras Dance Academy and prepares students for competitions. Diana is also involved with inclusive dance projects with people with special needs. 
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