Gonçalo Marques



Gonçalo Marques began his trumpet studies with João Moreira at the Hot Club School in Lisbon and later at the Berklee College Music in Boston. There he studied with Tiger Okoshi, Hal Crook, Dave Santoro, Bill Pierce, Ed Tomassi and mainly with John McNeill from the New England Conservatory. He graduated from Berklee in 2005 and returned to Portugal.
An active player on the Portuguese jazz scene, Gonçalo performs regularly with the Hot Club Big Band, with with his own groups and as a freelancer. He hosts a regular jam sessions and curate jazz regularly in different places in Lisbon . In addition to having played with most contemporary Portuguese Jazz musicians he has also performed with Bill McHenry, Jeff Williams, Guillermo Klein, Jacob Sacks, Masa Kamaguchi, John O’Ghalager, Keith Downes among many others
As an educator Gonçalo teaches at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and at the Hot Club School of Jazz where he is also responsible for a special program for young children. He also does regular introductory jazz sessions for schools and  he was the pedagogical director of a summer jazz camp for some time. He has conducted workshops at St. Louis College of Music in Rome, Italy, and at the International Youth Jazz Camp in Sapporo, Japan. He also teaches mathematics for MPE students at Escola Superior de Música. 
Gonçalo has released four CDs as a leader: “Da Vida e da Morte dos Animais“ for the label TOAP,  “Cabeça de Nuvem só tem Coração”  and  “Canção do Homem Simples”, both recorded for the label Robalo that he began with bassist Demian Cabaud.  The last one was recorded with his new quartet (with Jacob Sacks, Masa Kamaguchi and Jeff Williams) for the Oporto’s label Porta Jazz.  He is currently preparing new recordings with several different bands notably with ¡GOLPE! a duo he has with drummer João Lopes Pereira.
He has also been active in other arts such as theatre (both playing and acting a small role in Tonan Quito production of Shakespeare’s Richard III) and more recently contemporary dance (working in choreographer’s Marlene Monteiro Freitas “Bachae”). Also, he was invited to be the artist in residency for “Colectivos” edition the the online contemporary art magazine “Wrong Wrong” where he showed some of his music and photography, besides collaborating with other artists.
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