Marta Coutinho



Artist, teacher, producer, works since 1996 in the areas of dance and education in projects multidisciplinary. In dance, he developed his work mainly in the areas of dance contemporary and traditional / world, being strongly influenced by the Iberian, African and He currently teaches dance classes and creates performance workshops in diferent schools, libraries, etc in the country and collaborates with projects such as Trupe Sénior do Chapitô among others, as an artist and responsible for the movement / dance area; is the international representative of the musician Luiz Caracol with whom works since 2015; teacher trainer through PEEA (Aesthetic and Artistic Education Plan) of DGE (General Directorate of Education) in Dance for kindergarten teachers and teachers of the 1st cycle of basic education - since October 2019 in diferent training centers in the central and southern Portugal. 

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