Ronald Bal

Visual Artist


Ronald Bal is a Rotterdam based visual artist mainly focusing on live art, storytelling, installation and lens-based media. His work deals with danger and fragility in intimate systems and natural events. Inspired by social exchange, cyborg, history and ecology in the field of anthropology, he is currently focusing on the organic body and a digital text. Simulating the physical and the virtual by re-animating personal data combined with live events, on the border of theatre and visual art. His work often leads to installations where repetition of images and body movement are combined to support its narrative structure.

Ronald Bal graduated BA ArtEZ Zwolle the Netherlands as a visual artist and has been awarded with the ‘Best of graduates’ exhibition at Gallery Ron Mandos in Amsterdam. His work is exhibited in several museums and project spaces. Those include museum CODA in Apeldoorn, 21 Rozendaal in Enschede, the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, the Grimmuseum in Berlin, the European Culture Centre Palazzo Mora in Venice, and Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu in Torun. In addition, Ronald Bal participated in various festivals and academic conferences - such as Dhaka Live Art Biennale in Dhaka, Performance Art Oslo in Oslo, Creature Live Art in Kaunas, Venice International Performance Art Week in Venice and the academic conference at Leiden University. Further, Ronald Bal is the founder of the Open Performance Academy and Performance Art NL.

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