Desembarcação Show


Casa da América Latina

15 September 2019, 5:00pm

Desembarcação is an aesthetic journey between the sounds and voices of memory.

By word, by repeated or impromptu music, the voyage of a ship from the Old World to the New Lands, along the shores of an ocean full of winds, storms, boats, the voice of slaves and the voice of winds.

Through three characters (Captain, Aurora, and Sailor) the performance poetically addresses voices from Angola, Brazil, Portugal, contemplating texts and songs created especially for this show. The dialogues are interspersed with the projections and the speech flows, suspends and says goodbye leaving in the audience a trail of sea air and dream.

Celebrating the meeting of geographies that have in common the Portuguese language, the group brings together in their shows the poetry of Angolan writer Ondjaki (José Saramago Award 2013), the sound of Brazilian musician Marcello Magdaleno. Writing, music and images are created in real time producing a dynamic atmosphere, incorporating chance in a charming movement of the senses in which the three artistic discourses dialogue and complement each other.

Sobre o Mar was created in 2012.


Ondjaki - Voice and texts.

Marcello Magdaleno - Voice, sax, guitar and programming.

André Bethlem - Double bass


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